1.32 Dismal End


copyright 2015

Dismal End

a story by

Tabitha Novotny

She turns them over in her old, traitorous hands, wishing they would move with the gracefulness they had once upon a time. She remembers when their moves dazzled the world, whirling, twirling, while laughter played around them in invisible waves. But that was long ago, when her hands were fast, when they obeyed her commands. Snap! There goes a string. Snap! Another. She sighs while tears fall onto their dusty porcelain faces. She says goodbye as she takes her final breath.
Tabitha Novotny is a homeschooled teenager who loves to write dark, twisted stories and poetry. She also paints landscapes, creates masks, volunteers at the library, watches Horror films, discusses with her family different ideas for new stories, and so much more.