ABADDON  the ‘Bottomless Pit’ ruled over by an angelic king of the same name (who is also called Apollyon); has no cover (Job 26:6) and sometimes even no cover charge
ABYSS  an undefined place where demons beg God not to send them, and at least in one shocking instance their prayers were answered
AFTERLIFE  everything after life on Earth, including what occurs in the Basileio and Sheol, Tartarus, Purgatory, et al
AZRAEL  the Angel of Death; stewards Sheol with the assistance of Abaddon
BASILEIO  the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’; more is unknown about this idea than is known; also known as ‘Glory,’ the place or situation for which all righteous souls hope
CREMATION  a strange and futile human attempt to cover Sheol so God can’t see in; also a cheaper way to be buried
DAY OF JUDGMENT   pretty self-explanatory, but has to do with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and his final statement on the matter
GEHENNA  a garbage dump outside of Jerusalem which Jesus compares to a place ‘created for the Devil and his angels’; here those who have understood the words of Jesus but have not heeded them (impostors, hirelings, hypocrites) are thrown after they have been cut off like unnecessary branches pruned from a fruit tree; the usual picture of ‘Hell,’ minus the demons with pitchforks (possibly)
GHOST  a wide variety of possibilities present themselves here, from demonic forces to shades in Sheol to spirits in Purgatory to psychic impressions and solidified memories to angelic messengers, and more
GRAVE  another name for Sheol; ‘the Pit’ (not to be confused with ‘the Bottomless Pit’ which is likely the Lake of Fire)
GRAVEYARD  something like ‘the tip of the iceberg’ for Sheol; also called a ‘churchyard’ to give it a sugar coating (or a ‘whitewash’ to use a Biblical term)
HADES  an insignificant Greek god and alleged ‘lord’ of the Underworld (Sheol) who has had a subdivision of Sheol named after him, but, as with most corporate takeovers, no one claims to know exactly how this was accomplished
HEAVEN  Jesus suggests that children play a large part in the makeup of this place, and John the Revelator paints an interesting picture of it to include streets of gold, pearly gates, a crystal river, and so forth
HELHEIM  the cold, dark land ruled by Hel, the creepy half-beautiful, half-corpse daughter of trickster fire-giant Loki; most importantly here, the origin of the commonly used place-name ‘Hell’
HELL  an extremely loaded word used to describe an Afterlife place of punishment; by some thought to be a place of self-torture, by others a place where even the knowledge of Love and well-being are utterly absent (therefore, those dejected who live there until the Day of Judgment do not know why they feel so depressed, only that they do); most probably another name for Sheol (or one of its many subdivisions)
INFERNUS  another name for Sheol; also called the ‘Inferno’ or ‘Hades’ or perhaps ‘Gehenna’
LAKE OF FIRE  also called ‘the Second Death’; where both Death (the concept or idea of) and Hades (Sheol; Hell) are eventually cast
PIT  Sheol (not to be confused with Pittsburgh, but maybe should be)
PURGATORY  a place, or many places, where those who were partially in communication with God before they died, or who had some spiritual debt to pay, are taken before they are allowed into the Basileio; possibly a subdivision of Sheol, (explaining many ghosts and a few ‘holy dreams’ and most nightmares) or on the periphery of the Basileio
SHADES  all inhabitants of Sheol, mankind and otherwise; also called ‘Rephaim’
SHEOL  an appellation which may have emerged as an Assyrian-Babylonian loan-word to Aramaic and Hebrew, ‘Shu’alu,’ meaning ‘the gathering place for the dead’; often translated ‘the Grave’ and erroneously translated ‘Hell’ (but with terrifying effect nonetheless); another name for Hades; also called ‘the Pit’; divided into at least 42 different subdivisions
SKY BURIAL  to bury the dead through the ravenous mouths of birds; yet another vain attempt to put a covering on Sheol so it can’t be peered into
TARTARUS  a subdivision of Sheol where Satan and his 199 ‘Watchers’ or ‘Fallen Angels’ or ‘Sons of God’ are in chains; Saint Peter mentions this place
TOMB  another flimsy human attempt to put a covering on Sheol so God can’t look in and see all the sin; also an extremely expensive way to be buried
UNDERWORLD  a general appellation for the Afterlife, minus the Basileio (whose size in comparison to Earth and all subdivisions of Sheol is like comparing the size of all known universes to one grain of sand.)
YHVH  the one who made it all for a purpose (so just be patient and focus on his love)