What is a ghost? Answers to this age-old question abound, but obvious to this writer, who has studied the subject daily for over 40 years, is that a ghost is a disembodied spirit–a dead person–who now abides somewhere in Sheol (Hades) as he awaits the Day of Judgment when all souls ever born will be asked to give account for their lives before they are sent to their eternal habitations.
To elucidate, the following is a list of 42 areas of Sheol in which may be found every ghost known, or unknown, to man:
  1. the Sheol that hides the righteous from the wrath of God
  2. the Sheol where even unclean spirits are terrified to enter
  3. the Sheol that swallows live men who have despised God
  4. the Sheol whose gate becomes the abode of the sick
  5. the Sheol compared to the greedy who never have enough
  6. the Sheol that kills spreaders of evil among neighbors
  7. the Sheol that takes the dumbfounded wicked
  8. the Sheol that God takes from or adds to
  9. the Sheol that is a ‘House of Darkness’
  10. the Sheol which houses the unwary, and dead, guests of the loose woman
  11. the Sheol that devours sinners in the presence of the Elect
  12. the Sheol whose hunger is never abated & thirst is never quenched
  13. the Sheol with cords that entangle and death-snares that snatch
  14. the Sheol that takes those who have attained unrighteous gain
  15. the Sheol that takes all slain by the sword
  16. the Sheol that takes men under the Earth, puts them to the sword, and feeds them to jackals
  17. the Sheol that gives back to the Day of Judgment what it has taken
  18. the Sheol that takes righteous souls for ransom
  19. the Sheol that is a fire kindled by the anger of God
  20. the Sheol whose path is followed by the loose, imprudent, and impudent woman
  21. the Sheol that accepts mourners yet alive
  22. the Sheol of no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom
  23. the Sheol that is cold, misty, gloomy, and houses cowards and the ignoble, among other ingrates
  24.  the Sheol with no remembrance of God, so no praise of God
  25. the Sheol that allows those who try to hide from God
  26. the Sheol that takes all nations forgetful of God
  27. the Sheol that supplies necessary things to those who have left God
  28. the Sheol whose mouth is filled with the bones of the unrighteous
  29. the Sheol that is barred and gated
  30. the Sheol of the grief of sinners
  31.  the Sheol that takes those who go down with their weapons of war, whose swords are laid under their heads, and whose shields are upon their bones
  32. the Sheol that takes all uncircumcised, of heart and elsewhere
  33. the Sheol that is stirred up to meet you when you go; rouses the shades (‘rephaim’) to meet you, all who were leaders of the Earth; raises from their thrones all who were kings of the nations
  34. the Sheol that honors the blood-curses of mankind
  35. the Sheol whose path forks away to wisdom
  36. the Sheol that cannot communicate its feelings; is quiet or solemn
  37. the Sheol which houses the ‘Fallen Angels’
  38. the Sheol where beds can be made
  39. the Sheol that is a sheep field who shepherd is Death
  40. the Sheol from whose belly the repentant cry to God
  41. the Sheol that engulfs Eden
  42. the Sheol that is a joyous place for the righteous